Anger among German voters and participant

by Sietse Bakker 104 views

In the German tabloid paper Bild, Nino de Angelo stated that songwriter Ralph Siegel “used Corrina May her handicap to win the contest”. Also, there was a problem with the televoting.

“The chance to win such a contest is always higher when the performer has a handicap”, according to Nino de Angelo, who also performed in the German Grand Prix (Corrina May is blind, red.)

Corrina May and songwriter Ralph Siegel reacted immediately: “this is real nonsense“, they said.

This war of words is not the only 'problem' after the German Grand Prix. The televoting caused some anger among the voters, because some lines failed during the procedure. For example, a voter could not vote for Isabel because the line was not available, while a vote for Corrina May was accepted. According to broadcaster NDR this was not a problem: “the system can handle 833 calls per second and when this amount gets higher, calls were randomly refused or accepted”.

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