Greek video online, interview available

by Sietse Bakker 64 views

During the weekly Euromania show, the Greek public broadcaster aired the video of My number one for the first time. ERT, oikotimes.com and esctoday.com present to you a 30-second clip of the video!

Helena Paparizou, who already represented Greece in 2001, will represent Greece in the final of the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest. Tomorrow, esctoday.com will publish an interview with the Greek 'number one', in co-operation with oikotimes.com (for the Greek version) and esconnet.dk (for the Danish version).

Watch the video!

Click here to watch the video (you will need Windows MediaPlayer™ to watch the video)

Read the interview!

Click here to read the interview (also available in Greek and Danish through our partner site oikotimes.com and esconnet.dk).

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