NOX to Kiev for Hungary

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With the song Forogj világ the group NOX has been chosen to represent Hungary at the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest. Hungary participated for the last time in 1998 and reached a 23rd place with Charlie's A holnap már ném lesz szomorú.

The participants
The following songs appeared on Eurovíziós Dalfesztivál tonight:

Judy – Holnaptól
Acapulco – Szép ez a világ
Melodi Island – Eltûnt álom
Chrystal – Összetört a szívem
Emi Bizek – Túl az út felén
Karányi – Álomszép
Sushi Train – Húzz közel
Baby Gaby és Lala – Van egy kulcs
Rita Ambrus – Együtt
NOX – Forogj világ
Tamás Mester – Szabadítsd fel
Lola – Szerelem

After a break, a super-final took place with the four best songs according to the televoting audience. Judy, Chrystal, Baby Gaby és Lala and NOX were the lucky ones to sing again, now for a jury. The points of the jury decided the winner:

1. NOX – Forogj világ (49 points)
2. Judy – Holnaptól (43 points)
3. Chrystal – Összetört a szívem (36 points)
4. Baby Gaby és Lala – Van egy kulcs (33 points)

NOX meets…
NOX meets Ruslana, meets Urban Trad, meets Riverdance… was a many heard comment on several forums and message boards around the internet. The song Forogj világ (The world turns), with pop, rock and folk elements, has been written and composed by Szabolcs Harmath and Attila Valla.

About NOX
Lead singers of the group NOX are the 22-year old Szilvia Péter Szabó (left) and the 29-year old Tamás Nagy (right). In fact, NOX is much bigger than the maximum six people allowed on stage. For their Eurovision Song Contest adventure, the amount of dancers has been brought down. Urban Trad (Belgium 2003) faced the same problem as they had to leave two people at home.

As 'new' country, Hungary takes part in the semifinal of the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest, which takes place on 19th May in Kiev, Ukraine. To reach the final, NOX has to end up among the first ten.

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