Slovenian 'soap opera' might end here

by Sietse Bakker 62 views

RTV Slovenija confirmed that a majority of televoters voted for Karmen Stavec (40.000 against 6.000 for Sisters) but the two professional juries, one from RTV Slovenija and one from professional musicians, gave the maximum of the points to Sestre

With these televoting results, Sestre would still have won the final as they did, which is contrary to what we mentioned in our article “Slovenian final becomes soap opera”.

However, there was something wrong with the televoting, namely that Slovene Telekom left the lines open for longer than agreed. On Monday, RTV Slovenija announced that the televoting results, which were first counted in the final result, are now void. This changes nothing to the outcome, namely that Sestre wins the contest, but Karmen ended up at the 3rd place, instead of the 2nd place.

However, nothing is officially made public, we might never know the thruth. Many visitors of ESCTODAY e-mailed us their version of the story, but what the real story is, might be kept secret forever. End…

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