Kiev 2005: rough pictures of virtual stage design

by Sietse Bakker 183 views

Yesterday night, members of the tapuz.co.il forum claimed to have the first virtual drawings of the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest stage design. From inside sources, esctoday.com managed to obtain confirmation this is indeed a rough design of the actual stage for Kiev 2005.

For now, the set only exists in the virtual world. The drawings published are made by the Ukrainian designer Mykhaylo Il�ko and are the first indication of how the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest stage will look like. In the upcoming weeks, a team of stage and light designers will improve his design to make it suitable for the Palats Sportu.

Dynamic shapes, sparkling lights, transparent and semi-transparent materials and surfaces; that is the overall look of the Ukrainian stage design of the Eurovision Song Contest 2005.

Earlier, eurovision.tv described the stage: “Imagine a �leafy clearing by a river bank in the morning�. Because the stage will be more than a place on which the artists to perform their songs. It will become a Garden of Eden with mystical plants and animal life where growth, wealth, colours, beauty, creativity and light are the order the day � and a day that will be completely new, symbolizing the dawn of a new age for both the song contest and Ukraine itself”. It's hard to discover these elements in the current design, which indicates that this image is still a rough scetch. For those who like it, great! For those who don't like it, don't worry! As said, it's still a rough scetch…

Photo gallery

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