RTCG: 'We have not influenced the vote'

by roel 127 views

In a reaction to esctoday.com, Montenegrin broadcaster RTCG says it didn't influence the voting at Serbia & Montenegro's national final in any way. During the final all of the Montenegrin jury members awarded 0 points to the Serbian favourites.

RTCG explains…
The four members of the jury, named by RTCG, represent an autonomous body, which absolutely independently brought decisions, without any influence of the competition's organizers RTCG. All the above mentioned members of the jury have academic titles and professional musical competence.

We emphasize that RTCG strictly respected the festival's procedure. In accordance to this, the commission members of RTCG, who had previously selected the compositions, were neither able to be member of the jury, nor they knew who the jury members were before voting. This means that any influence on the jury was avoided.

We also want to emphasize that the song of our winner, the band No Name band, received 32.607 votes by SMS, while the previously favourized song Jutro received only half of that amount (16.978 votes).

We want to express that we are sorry for the fact that the electronical media in Belgrade, 14 days before the final competition was held, made the atmosphere among the Serbian audience as if their composition Jutro, performed by Jelena Tomasevic was by far better than all others. This is the reason why we find the reaction of voting off prejudging.

With gratitude for giving us the chance to give you our opinion on an unfair campaign which has been organized against our winner's composition, we assure you that RTCG did not have an influence on the jury's decisions in any way.

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