Website in the spotlight: Gylleneskor.se

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Website in the spotlight is a new weekly report about one of the many Eurovision Song Contest related websites there are. Get to know their stories and, more important, the dedicated people behind the websites. This week, we spoke with Marcus Ahlin, the chief editor of the Swedish website Gylleneskor.se!

The team members
Staff team: Marcus Ahlin (manager and chief editor), Martin Skybrand (design), Martin de Bruin (technology). Editors: Alexander Borodin, Matthias Mattsson, Peter Hellström, David Lindström, Jenny Stengård, Marie Degerliden, Björn Nordlund. Historic contents: Micke Johansson.

Why did you start your website?
“I needed a project and i had a good name for the site. We wanted to show that we were able to set up a site, technology-wise, design-wise, marketing-wise and management-wise. I had enough access and contacts within the field, and sometimes esctoday.com's bad coverage on sweden (hahaha) made me cry ;-)”.

Can you tell us something about the development of your site since the launch?
“We had great response both from visitors, SVT, artists and newspapers. They sometimes steal our news or esctoday.com's reports when we tipped them off, but that might be a sign we're doing a good job”.

Though the website shows a pretty complete picture, there is still some work to do according to Marcus: “We are far from ready with the site, though. We have more member features to be developed, and I also think we have a good concept. We will be widening the news coverage with more Swedish news and work harder on the database contents”, Marcus adds.

Can you share some statistics with us? Your most successful days, number of members, etc.
“As of today, 6th March is our best day, my statistics are lagging though. We try to keep the statistics a bit secret for a while. Between December and February, the amount of visitors has grown four times”. A great achievement!

How would you describe your website?
Gylleneskor.se is a relatively new website in the field of the Eurovision Song Contest. “We focus on Sweden and Swedish artists, news related to the Eurovision Song Contest and Swedish music in general. We also would like to cover the other Scandinavian countries and Finland. The rest of Europe has a secondary priorty. We can never be the best website on European news”.

What would you improve if you would be esctoday.com's webmaster or chief editor?
Funny as he is, Marcus immediately introduces his commercial skills; “If u need advice, I'm for rent :-). Just kidding… I think I am not the one to advice you. You have your vision of esctoday.com and where it's going. You have the visions for your site, we have the visions for our site. They are simply not the same”.

Is there anything else you would like to share with us concerning your site?
“We have a forum now, our members can log in as normal, no additional login is needed for the forum. The languages allowed are Swedish, Norwegian and Danish. All visitors can read what members discuss, but you have to register first before you can take part in the discussions”.

Visit Gylleneskor.se

We kindly thank Marcus for being prepared to have an interview with us. Esctoday.com wishes the Gylleneskor.se good luck in the future. Keep up the good work, guys!

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