EBU investigates Ukrainian song

by Sietse Bakker 62 views

Eurovision Song Contest supervisor Svante Stockselius has his hands full of the Ukrainian song for the 2005 contest. Meanwhile, Greenjolly appears to be vulnerable for the critical comments regarding their song Razom nas bagato.

“We are of course already aware of the situation regarding the Ukrainian song and will this week in a telephone conference meeting decide if the lyrics of the song is in violation of the rules of the contest or not”, Stockselius said to esctoday.com.

Meanwhile, Greenjolly released a statement as reply on the negative comments they received. “Fully understanding the essence of the Eurovision Song Contest and its importance for Ukraine, we would like to announce an intention to draw professional song-writers and lyricists for the purpose of changing the song�s lyrics and rearranging its music to prepare it properly as the entry from Ukraine”, the group wrote in a press release. “Given this intention to considerably alter the song, Greenjolly strongly objects against any claim that the changed song will carry any political meaning whatsoever. We would also like to refute any accusation of plagiarism regarding the song itself”, was the statement.

Despite the fact that Greenjolly is eager to work on the song to avoid negative comments in the future, they don't intend to change the basic message of the song; “Greenjolly would not allow to belittle the original song�s message and its crucial role during the recent revolutionary events in Ukraine. However, this part of the story has already become history and therefore is over”, the press release said.

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