Bulgaria: Kaffe accused of plagiarism

by roel 252 views

A new scandal is about to overshadow the first ever Bulgarian Eurovision entry. The song Lorrain by Kaffe has been accused of plagiarism, Sofia News Agency reports. The song would sound too similar to Don't go, released by Ruslan Mainov in 2001.

The new scandal has been revealed in the latest broadcast of the TV show Gospodari na efira in which renowned music experts claimed that the two songs were too much alike. They also predicted that that might trigger another scandal over Bulgaria's first ever bid at the Eurovision Song Contest.

However, Ruslan Mainov's song Don't go was produced by the company of Kaffe's main opponent at the Bulgarian Eurovision Song Contest selections, Slavi Trifonov. Earlier, the manager of the winning band Kaffa claimed he had been threatened by the team of runners-up Slavi Trifonov & Sofi Marianov.

Instead of singing during the live broadcast of the Bulgarian national final, Slavi Trifonov & Sofi Marianov pronounced that the Bulgarian national were made up and that Kaffe would win the final anyway. The rebellious duo finished second without singing and Kaffe won…

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