Angelica might sing a different song in Kiev

by Sietse Bakker 96 views

Also present in Athens is Angelica Agurbash, the Belarussian representative for this year's Eurovision Song Contest. She totally surprised everyone, saying that she might sing another song in Kiev!

Ruslana look-a-like
The first thing we noticed about the 34-year old Angelica is that she's probably the best Ruslana look-a-like you can imagine. Though, this lady is a few years older and has three kids. The oldest, her daughter, is 17 years old. Angelica already won the titles Miss Belarus, Miss USSR and Miss Russia and she has recently been invited for the Miss World elections in California. Her husband is Greek and therefor she can also sing a bit in Greek. Meanwhile, her skills on the English language are… like Ruslana's… it's all about love and peace!

Another song?
So far, it's not sure if Angelica will sing Boys & girls in Kiev. “The Israeli composer Zvica Pick proposed me the song 'Show me your love, honey' for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest”. The final decision about which song to sing will be made on 8th March, when Angelica and her team will travel to Israel to work on the song's demo.

Song with a message
It's important for Angelica to come up with a message: “For three minutes, I will have the opportunity to address the world. I think about problems in the world, terrorism, children suffering and other problems. People have to soften their minds, you know. It's never too late to save the world and its children”, the confident Belarussian singer said. “At the end, it's about the lyrics, the song and the way we present it. It's my mission to impress the audience and therefor it's important to me which song to choose”.

Angelica told that the income generated by her Eurovision Song Contest participation goes to UNICEF. “We will attend several European charity concerts to rais money for philantropic organisations”. Angelica also has a message for the fans of the Eurovision Song Contest: “Open your hearts, give eachother love and for mankind's sake, we have to pass that message through music. Therefor, I would be very happy if people love my song (…) and even if my song saves one child, I would be very happy”. But which song has to save that child… that will be known within a few weeks.

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