Esctoday.com interview with Blissed

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On Saturday, Norway will be selecting its representative for the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest. Together with Blissed, one of the eight Norwegian finalists, esctoday.com has previewed Melodi Grand Prix 2005.

Blissed consists of the four experienced performers Marit Strømøy, Marianne Solberg Follestad, Anthony Robinison and Kristian Hajdu. Norwegian broadcaster NRK created the group especially for Melodi Grand Prix 2005.

Together with Blissed, esctoday.com has previewed Saturday's Norwegian national final. In an exclusive interview, Blissed revealed that more Eurovision Song Contest facts can be linked to their new born group. What do Charmed (Norway 2000) and Bobbysocks (Norway 1985) have to do with Blissed? Find it out in esctoday.com interview with Blissed!

How did you get involved with the Norewegian selection process?

Anthony: That's quite an interesting story actually! I competed in Melodi Kvasi Grand Prix last year as part of the Gay Pride celebrations which I won. The song I sang was Shake it (Greece 2004 – Sakis Rouvas) and I performed on rollerskates. Anyway, NRK got wind of it and invited me to come and sing for them, which I did, and here we are!

Is Melodi Kvasi Grand Prix a big event in Norway?

Yes. Melodi Kvasi Grand Prix originated in Bergen but moved to Oslo as part of the Pride celebrations. I think last year was the 8th year. It's basically a spin on Eurovision where the contestants sing a song from any Eurovision year and there is a jury and audience vote and at the end of the evening the winner is announced. As Turkey hosted the contest last year, there was a Turkish theme. Great fun!

How did you get involved with Blissed and did you drop any other projects to do Eurovision?

Anthony: We were invited to an audition by NRK where we got picked because of our matching voices. I'm working in Bergen with Funnygirl. I've also got the day off to do the final. We're all prioritising this!

Marianne: I'm working at Dizzy show theatre full time as a musician where I am playing the trumpet and perform as a singer and dancer. I got time off on 5th March to do this.

Marit: I'm working at Wallmans show theater as a singer and I'm in my second year there.

Kristian: I'm working as a production manager at a film company called Trouble film. We are making tv commercials. I am singing in a couple of bands here in Norway as well.

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