Katrina's Waves don't like The New Wave

by roel 128 views

Katrina Leskanich will not be on stage with The New Wave in the fourth heat of Melodifestivalen next Saturday. On demand of The Waves, Katrina's former band, the group has been renamed into The Playboys again.

Katrina was invited to participate in Melodifestivalen 2005 and was proposed several songs. “I chose a rocking duet called As if tomorrow will never come,” she explains “and requested my friends The Playboys to perform with me. Their lead singer Bosse is a terrific singer and dear friend and it all came together under the special new name for the occasion Katrina and the New Wave.

However, the real Waves who joined Katrina on stage of the 1997 Eurovision Song Contest weren't very happy about another band using a similar name. On their demand, Katrina's mates on stage next Saturday willl be called The Playboys instead of The New Wave. The Playboys is the orignal name of the band as it was founded in 2000. The Playboys consists of Per Johansson, Magnus Söderman, Chris Goldsmith, Patrik Selén and Bosse Lindmark.

Katrina Leskanich is looking forward to performing in Växjö. “I hope to do my very best for the country which first opened its door for me as an artist in 1983.” Next Saturday we'll know if she will stay in the running for a second Eurovision Song Contest participation.

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