Mija Martina in final Bosnia & Herzegovina

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Vesna Andree Zaimovic of PBS BiH has informed esctoday.com the names of the 14 performers for the national final in Bosnia & Herzegovina. One songwriter withdrew her song: Aleksandra Kovač with C'mon boy. One noteworthy participant is Mija Martina who represented Bosnia & Herzegovina in 2003 with the song Ne Brini.

Here are the 14 finalists in Bosnia & Herzegovina:

1. Marija Sestic – In this world
Music: Marc Paelinck | Lyrics: Dirk Paelinck

2. Sladana Mandic-Nikita – You're gonna get what you deserve
Music: Robin Rex, Anders Nyman, Jan Garthe & Maurizio Sorroni | Lyrics: Jovan Radomir & Robin Rex

3. If – Groznica me trese zbog tebe
Music: Haris Dedić | Lyrics: Sanela & Haris Dedić

4. Lea Mijatovic – Bas me briga sto ce mama reci
Music & lyrics: Narcis Vučina

5. Unpludged Plug – Everything she'll do
Music & lyrics: Narcis Hadžismajlović

6. Jasna Gospic – Carolija
Music & lyrics: Edu & Adi Mulahalilović

7. Josip Bilac – Dar s neba
Music: Marko Tomasović | Lyrics: Emilija Kokić

8. Tinka Milinovic – Sometimes I wish I were a child again
Music: Serge Bonheur | Lyrics: Gunter Johanson

9. Feminnem – Zovi
Music & lyrics: Andrej Babić

10. Mija Martina – Ruzice rumena
Music: Ines Prajo | Lyrics: Arjana Kunštek

11. Igor Vukojevic – Jabuka
Music & lyrics: Igor Vukojević

12. Maja Nurkic & Nedim Suta – U ocima
Music & lyrics: Melisa Salihović-Ibrahimbegović

13. Ruzica Cavic – Ruza bez trna
Music & lyrics: Aleksandra Milutinović

14. G.D.H. – No more
Music & lyrics: Đorđe Striček Vukasović

Songwriter Aleksandra Kovač who had been selected with the song C'mon boy decided to withdraw the song from the competition after an unsuccesful agreement with the potential performer, Miss Selma Bajrami and the lack of time to find another singer. The manager of Miss Bajrami confirmed to PBS BiH that she is not able to match her personal obligations with the terms of BH Eurosong 2005 and expressed her doubts about the contract she was proposed, which is unique for each performer at this year's national final in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

The final of BH Eurosong 2005 will take place on 6th March 2005. 50% jury and 50% televoting will be used to select the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest representative for Bosnia & Herzegovina.

More information on BH Eurosong 2005 can be found on the following website: BH Eurosong 2005.

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