Bulgaria: Kaffe manager threatened

by roel 264 views

Bulgaria's first ever Eurovision Song Contest selection turns out to be more scandalous each day. On a press conference held yesterday, the manager of the winning band Kaffa claimed he had been threatened by the team of runners-up Slavi Trifonov & Sofi Marianov.

Russia-born businessman Ovanes Melik-Pashayev, who is the owner of Kaffe's producers Joker Media, said at a press conference that he had been menaced by the team of runners-up Slavi Trifonov & Sofi Marianov. If Kaffe would not withdraw from the Bulgarian selections, they would investigate Pashaev's business in Bulgaria.

At the press conference, popular musicians, singers, actors and fans expressed their strong support for the six members of the band Kaffe and showed their indignation about the scandalous behaviour of Slavi Trifonov who left Saturday's final concert accusing the organizers and Joker Media of cheating with the SMS votes.

According to Slavi Trifonov, Kaffe's producers paid BGN 50,000 (approximately EUR 25,000) for SIM cards and hired people for a phone-call and sms hail supporting Kaffe. Kaffe won the Bulgarian Eurovision Song Contest selections with more than 50% of the 152.000 votes submitted by SMS and phone calls.

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