Bulgaria: dispute about results continues

by Benny Royston 171 views

Following the chaotic events of the Bulgarian final in Sofia on Saturday night, lyracist for Slavi's entry, Rossen Petrov, claims that SIM cards contested the show rather than performance. He claimed that 80 people could generated 80,000 votes because a person could vote 1,000 times from a cell phone.

Ovanes Melik-Pashaev, president of Joker Media announced that the accusations are groundless. The Bulgarian National Television (BNT) was considering to file a legal suit against Slavi Trifonov who announced yesterday during the concert of the 12 finalists for Eurovision Song Contest that the result was rigged. The official standpoint of the media will be announced tomorrow.

�Bulgaria is participating for the first time at that in the Eurovision Song Contest. The merit of the Bulgarian national television is very big because they have presented the people that can sing live, Melik-Pashaev added”. The rapper Ustata (the Mouth), one of the presenters of the 12 final songs, announced that there was no normal human being who could believe that Coffee could have more fans than Slavi.

The viewers chose the Bulgarian song for the Eurovision Song Contest to be Lorrain by Coffee or Kaffe. They won with 76,590 votes. Slavi Trifonov and Sofi Marinova with the song The only one came second with 48,803 votes despite their refusal to perform the song. Instead Slavi came on stage and announced that the winning at the contest was decided beforehand and bought for BGN 50,000. “I will not sing this evening because I do not want to participate in a lie” , he added. It should be mentioned that had Slavi sung, he may well have received the additional votes needed to win the event and qualify for the Eurovision Song Contest semi final on 19th May.

Mobiltel press release stated that the result was real and guarantee honesty. Yana Ivanova, director at the International Department of BNT announced that the regulations of the song contest has been violated or rather the agreement that the media signed with each of the contestants. According to Ivanova there is no explicit clause what follows if a contestant doesn�t sing his/her song. “But there were variants in the Bulgarian legislation on which we can seek our rights”, she added.

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