Kiev 2005: stage will be a 'Garden of Eden'

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Dynamic shapes, sparkling lights, transparent and semi-transparent materials and surfaces � that is the overall look of the Ukrainian stage design of the Eurovision Song Contest 2005.

Imagine a �leafy clearing by a river bank in the morning�. Because the stage will be more than a place on which the artists to perform their songs. It will become a Garden of Eden with mystical plants and animal life where growth, wealth, colours, beauty, creativity and light are the order the day � and a day that will be completely new, symbolizing the dawn of a new age for both the contest and Ukraine itself.

The lightening design will use special effects and shift between blurred and clear images, three-dimensional elements and robust edges. Decoration, dynamics, vibration and contrasts will be the key words. The focus of attention will be a strong green � a mix between the Ukraine�s national colours of yellow and blue �contrasted by a fresh orange. The latter is a reminder of the �Orange Revolution� � the start of a new political era under president Yuschenko. Both main colours suggest a clear, bright and reliable design. Lightening will again be organised by Spectra+.

In this new era, a �wind of change� will blow away old structures and thinking. Life is based on feelings, which is why the Ukraine�s hosting of the Eurovision Song Contest will be modern, vibrant and a bit mystical � it will be an event that is good for the soul, where people will sing just for the joy of singing.

“The stage design will be an opportunity for us to savour beauty and positive feelings � and the visual concept will touch all senses. You will be able to smell the fresh green grass and feel the warmth of a golden sun and the coolness of water and winds. It will be a universe where mankind and nature merge. Tomorrow will replace yesterday. You, your surroundings and the world as a whole will combine. New perspectives will let you approach life with understanding and emotion”, the designers said.

In this context, the Eurovision Song Contest will be a microcosm of the world�s new structure. Its influence will be seen everywhere: at the airport, in the hotels, during rehearsals, in the clubs, in the thinking and behaviour of the Ukrainian people and, finally, on the stage itself. The Eurovision Song Contest will take this concept seriously and represent freedom and hope. The vision of this year�s event is to unite Europe through music.

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