Lithuania – a rising Eurovision nation

by Billy Butt 51 views

William �Billy� Butt is a legendary composer and producer in Sweden. This year he is involved in the Lithuanian and Latvian Eurovision Song Contest selections. In a special article written for the visitors of esctoday.com, he shares his thoughts and opinions about the music scene in the Baltics and in Lithuania in particular. According to Billy, Lithuania will become a music nation to count on and it's only a question of time before we will see Lithuania score a victory in the Eurovision Song Contest.


Just like most of its neighbouring Eastern European states Lithuania has risen out of the ashes of 75 years of Soviet economic, social and cultural oppression with a paramount dignity and impressive pride. As recent as a decade ago the thought of ever becoming a member of the European Union let alone participating in the Eurovision Song Contest was, for this great Baltic nation but a dream. But the dream has come true and despite its disappointing results so far in the few Eurovision Song Contests in which Lithuania has participated, I am a firm believer in the fact that this is a country which is going to surprise us all in the not to distant future. Interest for the competition has increased remarkably in the last three years and slowly but surely the Lithuanian music industry is getting better and better and bracing itself for international recognition. I believe that it is only a question of time before we hear the international jurymen who deliver the votes to the final saying “And finally� Lithuania twelve points � la Lituanie douze points!

We all remember how Lithuania�s neighbours Estonia and Latvia both won the contest, but we also remember how we all forgot the winning songs almost immediately after we switched off our television sets! Despite the fact that mediocre songs won for Estonia and Latvia, we all rejoiced in these small countries successes. However, even if it seems as if Lithuania has dragged itself behind its Baltic neighbours in the Eurovision Song Contest, there is good reason to believe that an eventual winning song from Lithuania may not be forgotten as quickly as those of its neighbours. There are many reasons for this theory. I will try to explain them now…

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