ERT: Daphne Bokota dismissed!

by Sietse Bakker 179 views

Greek broadcaster ERT has Helena Paparizou on top of the list to represent the country at the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest! Oikotimes.com reported that yesterday night. Meanwhile, the decision to replace Eurovision Song Contest commentator Daphne Bokota, for many the Greek 'Mrs. Eurovision', puts a black cover on this day for many…

The past months have been quite difficult for Bokota, who had to face an almost continuous stream of rumours concerning the Greek Eurovision Song Contest participant. Sakis Rouvas? No chance! Anna Visi? Maybe. Helena Paparizou? Likely! Until today, when several sources confirmed her participation. It's unknown whether there is any relationship between the decision to fire Bokota and this year's Greek national selection. If she will get another job at ERT is unknown yet.

Bokota fulfilled the role of commentator since 1987. OGAE Greece wrote to us: “A real fan of the contest, herself, she has always been defending the contest against all criticism, ERT's choices and mistakes, and our representatives, against all attacks. She has always believed in the contest, even in the “dark ages” of the late 80's and early 90's, when the Eurovision Song Contest was very unpopular in Greece”.

The rumor is going around that Bokota was considered responsible for a series of bad choices (which, according to OGAE Greece, in fact were never her's) concerning Greek Eurovision Song Contest participants, like that of Michalis Rakintzis in 2002. “Many Greek fans, who have grown up with Daphne's voice, are almost in a state of shock because of this unexpected development, as she is quite popular among the fans”, one described the situation.

Oikotimes.com gives the name of Alexandra Paschalidou as Bokota's successor, which ERT cannot confirm, nor deny. If this appears to be true, Paschalidou will be the third Greek commentator after Mako Georgiadou and Daphne Bokota.

The question rises why ERT decided to remove Bokota from this position. “The problem is that the new heads of ERT's Entertainment Department are so Eurovision 'ignorant' that they didn't know that the song which will be sent to the Eurovision Song Contest must be an original composition, not a cover version of an older song! During the press conference it was made obvious that they have no clue what it's all about”, someone from OGAE Greece said to esctoday.com.

More information about Helena Paparizou is up to come, as both Oikotimes.com as well as OGAE Greece reported there will be an announcement within the next 48 hours.

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