Tzvika Pick exposed in reality shows

by Itamar Barak 150 views

Tzvika Pick, composer of Diva and one of Israel's hopefulls for the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest, is currently engaged in 3 different reality shows.

Tzvika Pick, who will compete in the upcoming Kdam-Eurovision of Israel (against his own daughters, among others) is currently involved in 3 reality shows: The first one is a series which follows him along the day, every day, capturing his everyday life, bringing his somewhat eccentric life to the limelight. For that purpose Tzvika Pick has moved to a new house which was converted into a television studio, so that cameras will be able to monitor him constantly. Another project which Pick will appear in, is the third season of Kohav Nolad (the local version of Star Academy) in which Tzvika will act as a member of the experts panel.

The third project is aimed to chose Picsk's backing vocals for his entry in the Kdam-Eurovision. Pick announced he is searching for 5 female backing vocalists and invited the Israeli public to submit candidates. The audience at home will vote for their favourites during a daily entertainment magazine on Channel 3, eventually leaving Pick with his 5 vocalists. Despite that, Pick declared he reserves himself the right to reject the public's decision and chose his own group…

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