New dispute over Kdam's shortlist

by Itamar Barak 48 views

Israeli news portal,, reports about a new dispute which might result in a change of participants in the Israeli national final, Kdam-Eurovision.

Just a couple of weeks ago the Israeli broadcaster released the final shortlist of the 13 performers in this year's Eurovision selection, Kdam-Eurovision. For the first time in many years, most of the singers in the list are well known and experienced, or have had relative success.

Now, however, the IBA has decided to engage in a special inquiry to find out whether the procedure, in which the 13 performers where chosen to compete, was inappropriately managed. These allegations arose recently due to the fact that this year, the IBA did not declare an open competition for Eurovision, but rather approached well known artists and finalised all the details with them, behind the scenes.

The fact that IBA's head of entertainment, and of the Eurovision delegation acted in this matter without consulting with the broadcaster's chairman made a few figures in the Israeli entertainment field curious. Added to this, is the coincidence that the Pick family will have a double chance in this national final (Tzvika Pick competing against his daughters) has led to the creation of a special inquiry team, which will review the pre-selection procedure, and, if necessary, propose changes which will be implemented immediately.

The Kdam-Eurovision is scheduled to be broadcast from Jerusalem on March 2nd. Israel will participate in the Semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest on May 19th.

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