EMA 2005: Draw for running order

by Denis 86 views

The entertainment department of RTVSLO, the Slovene national bradcater, held a public draw to decide the running order of EMA 2005. The draw took place yesterday at a press conference in the DVOR cinema in Ljubljana.

Next to the running order,the whole new concept of EMA 2005 and the decision to broadcast the EXTRAVAGANZA show from Copenhagen have allso been discused.

The Johhny Bravo band will be the first to perform on 6th.february. Nu�a Derenda, the former Slovenian Eurovision Song Contest participant,will perform as the last, the 14th candidate.
Here is the running order of EMA 2005:

1. Johnny Bravo – Večni otrok
2. Skozi mesto – Express
3. Daleč od oči . Victory
4. Metulj – Sa�a Lendero
5.Omar Naber – Stop
6.Jadranka Juras – Anima
7. Anika Horvat- Kje si?
8. Sergeja – Nedotaknjena
9. Regina- Proti vetru
10. Nude- Tako lepo si zlomila mi srce
11. Billy´s Private Parking – Ljubljana
12. Alya – Exxtra
13. Rebeka Dremelj – Pojdi z menoj
14. Nu�a Derenda – Noe, Noe

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