LTV announces draw for Latvian national selection

by Kemal Shahin 100 views

Today Latvian broadcaster LTV announced the draw for the running order of the
twenty songs competing in two semi finals for the chance to represent Latvia at the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest.

The two live finals are scheduled for the 29th January and the 5th February. The combined results of televoting and a jury will decide which five songs from each semi final make it into the grand final in Ventpils on 26 February 2005.

The song Your Love Is On My Side was originally said to be performed by Lily, but will now be performed by girl group duo, Creem. Only one of the twenty songs will be sung in Latvian, Ja nu by Gunars Kalnins. Here is the running order for the two semi finals:

Semi Final 1 � 29th January 2005

1.Dance Together
A.Vitolina A.Vitolina

2. To Touch, To Breathe,To Love
A.Kivics A.Kivics

3.Loving, Missing, Crying
G.Stankevics T.Timchuka

4. I Might Be The One
Madara Celma
M.Celma M.Celma


6.Shut Up
M.Freimanis, F.Kirstein

7.In the Heat of the Night
T.Kasa, K.Wennman, U.Tirzitis

8.The War Is Not Over
Walters & Kazha

9.Sing It! Swing It!
Agnese & Intars
B.Rezniks E.Balodis

10.Your Love Is On My Side
Yana Kay

Semi Final 2 � 5th February 2005

1.In A Desert
Igeta Gaike
I.Gaike A.Palkavnieks

2.Your Girlfriend
Morning Kids
R.Falkensteins D.Falkensteina

3.Wandering Words
Santa Zapacka
D.Rutentale S.Zapacka

4. What About Your Heart
L.Reiniks L.Reiniks

5. Ja nu (in Latvian)
Gunars Kalnins
G.Kalnins G.Kalnins, M.Celma

6.We Are One
I.Grisnins-Grislis O.Veveris

7.Sing With Me
Ella & Marizo
E.Furmane E.Furmane, M.Rumba

8. A Woman To Love
V.Zelinska V.Zelinska

9.In Your Arms
A.Palkevics I.Priede

10.No Way Back
Iedomu Sparni
J.Dreiskins L.Veisa

Latvia last won the contest in 2002, with the song I wanna, by Marie N (Marija Naumova). Latvia will partake in the 2005 semi final on Thursday 19th May after failing to reach the final in 2004.

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