Corrected outcome sixth semifinal Ukraine

by Sietse Bakker 79 views

Not Sheona, but the 21-years old Tiana Ravi won the sixth semifinal in Ukraine! Due to a 'technical problem', NTU's partner Solvotele published a completely incorrect list of results. And Sheona… she ends up fourth. Tiana's song Pozavchora goes to the final instead of I say.

This was the outcome of the sixth semifinal as presented by Solvotele:

1. Sheona – I say (23,55%)
2. Tiana Ravi – Pozavchora (23,52%)
3. Ivanna Melay – Ti ne moy (21,67%)
4. Katerina – Blues (16,73%)
5. Khvilyu Trimay – Lito proyshlo (14,53%)

This is the corrected outcome of the selection round:

1. Tiana Ravi – Pozavchora (28,71%)
2. Ivanna Melay – Ti ne moy (23,98%)
3. Khvilyu Trimay – Lito proyshlo (16,08%)
4. Sheona – I say (15,76%)
5. Katerina – Blues (15,47%)

Solvotele explained to eurosong.be that 'a technical error' caused the publication of the wrong results list. The same information appeared on several Eurovision Song Contest related forums. Esctoday.com asked NTU to provide more details about this problem and we asked why the difference between the two outcomes is so big. We will keep you posted!

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