Monaco: Three more female singers make chance

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Two weeks ago already published the names of the nine female singers, invited by Monegasque head of delegation Phil Bosco to represent Monaco at the 2005 Eurovision . Since our announcement three more female singers have been added to the list.

The three new singers on the guest list of Monegasque broadcaster TMC are:

Tigra: real name Klaudia Baszniak-Kozłowska, a Polish singer (pictured)
Elise Granier: one of the finalists of last year's Monegasque casting show for the Eurovision Song Contest. “We have doubted a lot in 2004 whether to choose her or Märyon,” explains Phil Bosco.
Mélissa Mars: a new signed artist at Polydor, Universal Music

One of the next 12 singers will represent Monaco at next year's Eurovision Song Contest:

� Cindie
� Nathalie Fauran
� Céréna
� Anne Varin
� Séverine Ferrer
� Jessica Marquez
� Eve Angeli
� Tigra
� Elise Granier
� Mélissa Mars
� Elodie Frégé
� Nolwenn Leroy

All of them, except Elodie Frégé and Nolwenn Leroy, have already confirmed their interest and would be pleased to represent Monaco. A decision will be made in dialogue with all parties concerned. The list will soon be handed over to Prince Albert and Princess Stéphanie of Monaco, who are interested in everything that concerns the image of Monaco, and their opinion will be taken into consideration.

The decision to go for a female singer again however provoked a lot of criticism. Several male singers have complained that it is unjust only to select female singers for the second consecutive year. “I would like to see a male singer representing Monaco at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2006” is Pil Bosco's reaction on it. “A man hasn't less chance or talent as a woman.

The final decision on who will represent Monaco at the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev will be made around 15th January 2005. The song will be selected in dialogue with the record company.

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