Ruslana goes to European Parliament

by Sietse Bakker 129 views

On 14th December, Ruslana will travel to Strasbourg to be present at the plenary session of the European Parliament.

The forthcoming trip will be done upon the invitation by Mr. Vitautas Landsbergis, the Lithuanian member of the European Parliament, who met Ruslana during her last tour in the Baltic states. Mr. Landsbergis, who is a legendary figure of the Lithuanian politics because of his involvement in securing his country's independence, became very excited about the recent events in Ukraine and decided to invite Ruslana to come to Strasbourg to tell the members of the European Parliament about them.

During her stay in France, Ruslana plans to take part in a special television program that will feature the discussion between her and various members of the European Parliament (in the near future this television program will be broadcasted in Ukraine, Lithuania, and Poland). Also Ruslana plans to address the world's leading news channels (Euronews, CNN, BBC) during her own press conference. She also hopes to speak before the members of the European Parliament from the main parliamentary pulpit, providing there is an opportunity.

Ruslana considers that her trip to Strasbourg is far from an intention to promote any of the political parties of Ukraine. In principle, she merely wants to get a chance to tell the European Parliament about the recent events in Ukraine, in which she was directly involved.

“For me it is important to make this step towards Europe. I think that the Europeans have to know more facts about Ukraine and about what has been happening here recently. This will help them make an overall objective opinion and ultimately will bring Ukraine closer to Europe”, Ruslana said.

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