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For over a week, many asked themselves and others the question: will the Eurovision Song Contest 2005 take place in Kiev or not? This weekend, the Reference Group meets to discuss important issues for the upcoming Euroivision Song Contest. According to Eurovision Song Contest supervisor Svante Stockselius, the Reference Group “will not discuss about the question whether to move the 2005 contest to another location”.

Due to the political crisis in Ukraine, which is still ungoing, the question raised if the circumstances would be good enough in May to host the contest. “We will of course listen to our colleagues at host broadcaster NTU to find out how they think about the political situation, but we will not focuss on a backup plan”, Stockselius said to this afternoon. Earlier, he said to Swedish media that there is no backup plan available.

Though there is no doubt at the EBU whether to hold the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev or not, the supervisor indicated that the Reference Group, that will meet in Kiev this weekend, “might discuss in general on when, why and how to move a Eurovision Song Contest if neccesary”.

“At this meeting, no decision will be taken whether to move the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest or not”, Stockselius said, while telling about the busy agenda the Reference Group has this weekend. Stockselius is in Kiev since Monday, to find out if the political crisis affects the organisation of the 50th contest.

Host broadcaster NTU announced to that more information about the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest will be revealed next week. We will keep you updated!

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