Michelle tried to commit suicide

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Michelle, who represented Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2001, revealed that she tried to commit suicide last summer. Michelle, 32 years old, broke down because of the showbusiness, financial worries and relationship problems.

Michelle got depressed in the beginning of July. “I was a slave of the showbusiness and became its victim. I was chased from one performance to another, I had to sing about love even if yet another relationship had just broken up. My children missed me. My last thoughts were: Now I'll do it!

Michelle wanted to make an end to being “a tarted up Michelle clone” of her real self. She can't remember what exactly happened. The nanny found Michelle for dead some hours after her attempt to commit suicide. Michelle was hospitalized for 10 days and considers those days as some of the most beautiful days in her life. Nobody wanted something from her, nobody asked her for an autograph or to sing a song.

Michelle created her own therapy to get over what happened and wrote a book about her inner strife. The book called Michelle und ich (Michelle and I) will be published in February, together with her new album Leben (Life).

Michelle finished 8th at the 2001 Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen with the song Wer Liebe lebt – To live for life.

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