A letter from Dominika Rydz

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Dominika Rydz, member of KWADro which represented Poland at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Lillehammer with the song Lap zycie, feels sad about all fictious news which has appeared lately on the internet. In a written statement on eurowizja.com, Dominika cuts various speculations to highlight the truth. A letter from Dominka Rydz:

Dear all,

Our presence at the second Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Lillehammer was the adventure of our life, an unforgettable experience! We are very happy that we could go there. Despite the position we took there, we are happy with our performance. We did our best and fulfilled our promises to present ourselves as good as we can. I know that many Poles regard the first place as a victory, and our last position as a shame and failure. In our point of view, the 17th position in Europe is not a failure. All we showed in Norway was the result of our and parents� efforts and the work of people who helped us.

There are many reasons for our final position in the contest. First of all, our song was not a hit. Eurovision Song Contest is the only event in which vocal abilities and musical performance do not count much. It is all about a good disco song, where you can make a big show. Good voice is not necessary. In Lap zycie we showed our vocal abilties as we sang in 4 voices.

Secondly, there was lack of promotion for our song. Contestants from other countries participating in Junior Eurovision Song Contest were supported by music industry. They sold their own albums and had concerts. Many people worked for their success. In my opinion a song can become a hit if you listen to it numerous times. We were not promoted as only our families helped us to find sponsors and set up some place where we could have rehearsals.

We were the only band in Lillehammer which sang to a clear music line. We did not have any other choruses and voices recorded on the tape. I will never forget the applause we were given by the stage crew after our first rehearsal in Lillehammer when we sang Lap Zycie a capella. Our band has been noticed and appreciated. We were given many invitatations for music festivals in Europe.

We would like to thank for all those SMS, phone calls, letters sent by people from other countries, who appreciated our work and who liked the performance. We are normal teenagers who do not want to be famous nor become stars. Now we have to come back to our schools to take notes and pass the tests.

Dominika Rydz

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