Situation in Ukraine still unstable

by Sietse Bakker 117 views

Ukraine is still the centre point of the world's attention, as the Ukrainian governement officially declared the current Prime Minister Yanukovych as winner of the elections. Opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko has rejected the official announcement from the election committee.

Supporters of Yushchenko, former heavyweight boxing champion Vladimir Klitschko and Ruslana, who called for a hunger strike, appeared on stage for the demonstrators in Kiev. Yushchenko called for a major strike in Ukraine, asking for support for his party. Depending on the amount op people supporting this strike and the time it will last, it might be harmful to the Ukrainian economy on the long term and might also affect the organisation of the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest, which is scheduled for 19th and 21st May in Kiev. Contest supervisor Svante Stockselius will pay a visit to Kiev next week to investigate if the political instability affects the schedule.

The European Union, represented by Dutch minister of foreign affairs Bot, NATO president Jaap de Hoop-Scheffer, US secretary of state Colin Powell and European Commission leader Barosso urged the Ukrainian governement to revise the election results. The EU and US threatened with sanctions against Ukraine if the governement keeps ignoring signs of fraud and poll irregularities.

Ruslana made clear that politcal rebellion in Ukraine should have no influence on the preperations for the upcoming 50th Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev. Press and fans are worried about the situation in Ukraine and the consequences for the organisation of the contest, though the general expectation is the situation will soon end, just like last year in Georgia, and the contest will take place in Ukraine next year.

As Ukraine is the host country for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest, keeps you up to date about the situation in Ukraine.

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