Ruslana on hunger strike !

by Pawel Jurczak 90 views

Ruslana Lyzhicko, the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest winner has announced a hunger strike in order to support Victor Yuschenko, opposition candidate for the presidential elections in Ukraine. Ruslana will put a symbolic orange ribbon around her head to show her protest against the results presented by Ukraine's National Election Comission, which indicated pro-Russian candidate Victor Yanukovych as the winner.

Earlier, Ruslana confirmed that she had voted for Victor Yuschenko, because as she says, he is the only candidate who can tighten Ukraine with the European Union and improve the political situation in her country. The Eurovision Song Contest winner also supported students who fight for freedom of speech about the real outcome of presidential elections. Ruslana also made clear that politcal rebellion in Ukraine should have no influence on the preperations for the upcoming 50th Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev.

At the moment every big city in Ukraine is witnessing peaceful demonstrations against fraud in the presidential elections. Whereas Russian president Vladimir Putin approved the results of the elections, the United States of America as well as European Union governments called for an additional supervising. More information about the elections will be available later on.

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