The Olsen Brothers try it again

by roel 162 views

The Olsen Brothers, winners of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2000 with the song Fly on the wings of love, have submitted a song for Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2005. Five years after winning the Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm, Jørgen and Niels 'Noller' Olsen will try to do it all over once again.

While submitting his entry, Jørgen apologized that he and his brother didn't return to Dansk Melodi Grand Prix sooner. “We would have liked to be there the following year (2001) but we had too much work and didn't have the time to write new songs.”

The Olsen Brothers' song for 2005 is an uptempo song in English and different from Fly on the wings of love. Even if it won't be selected for the Danish final, the song will still appear on their new upcoming album. “The album is ready”, said Jørgen Olsen “that's what made us succesful in 2000, that we had an album ready for release.” If the Olsens make it to the final of Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, it will be their sixth participation as a duo.

Beside the Olsen Brothers, also Ivar Lind Greiner submitted a song. If he will be selected, it will be his eigth time. Ivar Lind Greiner composed last years Danish entry Shame on you, performed by Tomas Thordarson. “I learned last year that it takes more than just a good song and singer to win the Eurovision Song Contest. You could see that on the winner, so I have thought more about a visual act this time.”

263 songs have been submitted for Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2005. A secret jury will listen to all submitted songs without knowing who has composed and sung the song. In December the 10 selected songs will be announced, one month later the performers.

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