Alf Poier: “I will win for Austria in Kiev!”

by roel 143 views

Alf Poier, who represented Austria at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2003 wants to represent his country again in 2005 and win. With the song Weil der Mensch zählt, Alf Poier reached the 6th place in Riga.

Alf Poier wants to represent Austria once again next year in Kiev. In TV-MEDIA-Talk Poier said: “I certainly want to be at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2005! Udo Jürgens needed three attempts to win the contest. I will only need two.”

Edgar Böhm, spokesperson of Austrian broadcaster ORF reacted in a neutral way: “Everyone is allowed to participate and so is Alf Poier.” Alf Poier's Manager René Berto added: “We want to rescue Austria and Europe and we know how to.”

A statement which isn't completely unjust since 1.3 million Austrians watched the Eurovision Song Contest with Alf Poier in 2003, while only 835.000 Austrians watched this year's contest with Tie Break. On top of that all, Alf Poier saw for the best Austrian result since the 5th place of Thomas Forstner in 1989.

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