Xandee international with Tina Turner's song

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This year's Belgian representative Xandee prepares for an international release of her newest single The power of music. The song that was written for Tina Turner offers Xandee a second chance to go international after she had to refuse offers concerning 1 Life due to obligations in her home country Belgium.

Xandee is going international with her newest single The power of music. The song was written by the American song writers Paul Barry, Mark Taylor and Billy Laurie for no one less than Tina Turner who planned a come back with it. But Miss Turner changed her mind and so the demo version of The power of music sung by Tina Turner was left behind. The American song writers who were very charmed by Xandee's voice sent the demo to her record company ARS with the question if she wanted to record the song.

The power of music is Xandee's third single taken from the album 1 Life but for the international single release the song has been remixed by Dexter Connection. Last Tuesday the video for The power of music was shot in Brussels.

The power of music offers Xandee a second chance to break through outside Belgium. Due to contractual obligations she has to perform six days a week this summer in a show at the Flemish Coast. This made it impossible for Xandee to promote her Eurovision Song Contest single 1 Life, although there was interest from several countries.

For The power of music there is already huge interest from Ukraine, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy,… and the United States of America!

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