Stockselius: “Stories about contract delay not true”

by Sietse Bakker 36 views

According to the website Korrespondent.net, the contract negotiations between the EBU and the 2005 host broadcaster NTU are delayed. “Everything goes as it should”, Eurovision Song Contest Supervisor Svante Stockselius told esctoday.com in reply to the rumours.

Korrespondent.net suggested that the EBU and NTU cannot agree about the venue for next year's contest. The medium suggests that the EBU prefers the 2005 contest to take place at the sports stadium, while NTU prefers the new hall behind the International Expo Centre.

Stockselius reacted surprised: “Basically, there is only one contract to be signed for now, which is the so-called host broadcaster agreement. This agreement covers the financial guarantees and the appointment of an executive producers. NTU already came up with the financial guarantees ánd an executive producer, but the EBU has not yet finished the document”, he said to esctoday.com. Stockselius also explained that the selection of the venue is one to be taken later. The host broadcaster agreement will be signed as soon as the EBU finished it.

“We visited both venues during our visit to Kiev, earlier this month, and we simply don't have the right details yet to say if they are suitable or not. For example, we need to know how much weight the roof can carry in terms of light”, Stockselius said, again pointing out that there is no disagreement at all between the EBU and NTU.

The Supervisor also gave some comments on both venues. “The sports stadium is relatively old and needs an upgrade before it can host an event like the Eurovision Song Contest. But the building is situated in the city centre, which is excellent! The new venue nearby the river is new and might have better facilities, but hosting the Eurovision Song Contest as first event in the new hall might be a risk”. The final decision about the venue has to be made by the Eurovision Song Contest Reference Group.

In September, more details will be made public concerning the 50th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest.

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