Ruslana�s new album out in September

by Julia Ostromogilska 92 views

As Ruslana reported during the press-conference held in Kiev on Tuesday, her new album is to be awaited in the middle of September. It will become the second European and the first world-wild release by the singer.

According to Ruslana, besides the songs in English, already known from the previous album, which are going to be presented in their new arrangement, the new album will also include the songs in the Ukrainian language. The recording takes place at the world-famous Hit Factory studio in Miami. Ruslana is planning to start on her world tour to the countries of America, Europe and Asia to support her new album. Due to these events she will not perform in Ukraine until December 2004. The only exception may be her performance in Kiev during the celebration of the Independence Day.

Ruslana believes that her name is somehow connected with the image of Ukraine. That is why she will not take part in the pre-election campaign of the President of Ukraine, which is now being launched. She insists that everything she will do in the near future is going to be connected with her creative work only. Ruslana regards the release of the Wild Dances world-wide as one of the most important events in her life. Preparing another performance show, she really wants to struggle for the global musical markets. The style of the Wild Dances is going to be preserved, though, and the album will not be just a rehash of its Ukrainian variant. It will present new tunes: “I made a decision � after I had received the translations of some songs into English, you know, Ukrainan kolomyika loses its sound in English. Kolomyika will be in Ukrainian. That�s why I want to assure the fans of this song � Ukrainian language � it�s principal.�

Together with the album and the tour Ruslana and her team are working on the advertising campaign for Ukraine in the framework of the Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Kiev. Preliminary, its logo will be 50 years Europe is singing together. So far all the organization issues are being resolved over the telephone. In addition to that, Ruslana is learning English. Maybe she will be a host of the next Eurovision Song Contest. Who knows?

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