David D'Or vs.Shrek 2

by roel 508 views

The Hebrew-dubbed version of Shrek 2 was banned today from the big screen in Israel until a reference to singer David D'Or was removed from the translation. This year's representative from Israel claimed his name was mentioned in a pejorative context.

David D'Or, the singer who represented Israel at this year's Eurovision Song Contest and well known for his high voice, submitted his request last Sunday for an injunction, after the translators rendered “Let's bobbitt him” into “Na'aseh lo ma'aseh David D'Or” (“Let's David D'Or him”).

“To bobbitt” is a new word in the English language, referring to amputation of the penis with a pair of scissors, referring to John Bobbitt's male member that was cut off by his wife, Lorena Bobbitt in 1993.

David D'Or, who didn't reach the final of this year's Eurovision Song Contest with the song To believe, claimed the reference links his name with emasculation.

The Tel Aviv District Court approved the movie's withdrawal at D'Or's urgent behest, and the distributors of the movie changed the sentence on Monday to “Let's take the boots off the Puss in boots”, now allowing the movie back on Israel's cinema screens.

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