Maarja Kivi is to leave Vanilla Ninja

by Remi Kübar 158 views

Certain changes might take place in the Estonian girl-group Vanilla Ninja (Public favourite in Estonian Eurolaul in 2003 with Club Kung-Fu) as the lead singer Maarja Kivi is planning to leave the band after a promotional tour of their latest album Traces of Sadness in Germany. In tha latest public appearances Maarja is not hiding that she is pregnant.

The rumours have been already spread that one of the options to substitute Maarja Kivi is Charlene, a 17-year old singer from this year Estonian preselection Eurolaul this year. She performed a song Whatever you say' written by Pearu Paulus, Ilmar Laisaar, Alar Kotkas and Jana Hallas. The song placed 6th.

The other option is a 15-year old Miss Model Estonia Triinu Kivilaan.

There cannot be any official information in the Vanilla Ninja homepage as we have not given any!” is a presschief of record company TopTen Allan Hook wondering, when he heard about the rumours published in the non-official homepage.

Charlene is an option to substitute Maarja. The producer of Vanilla NInja David Brandes hasn't said yet that Charlene is a confirmed candidate,” says Hook. He adds that Triinu Kivilaan is still in their range. Everything will be clear by the end of July.

A member of the group Piret Järvis said that they have already tried singing together with Charlene. “Charlene and Lenna have sang together in the children choir of Estonian Television and their voices fit perfectly with eachother” she added.

Charlene has not made any comments to media.

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