Luxembourg back in 2005?

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Strong rumours claim that Luxembourg will return to the Eurovision Song Contest next year. Luxembourgian broadcaster RTL hasn't made an official announcement yet but is said to do so later this year. Luxembourg already participated at the first ever Eurovision Song Contest and quit after 1993.

Represented by Michele Arnaud in Lugano 1956, Luxembourg was one of the seven countries present at the first ever Eurovision Song Contest. Having won the contest five times, the grand duchy quit after 1993.

Fernand Weides, director of ERSL (Etablissement de Radiodiffusion Socioculturelle du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg), a member of the European Broadcasting Union, informed our colleages of that there is a chance that Luxembourg will return to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2005.

Weides says: According to the gossips at Luxembourg's public broadcaster RTL, Luxembourg is going to participate at the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest. However he adds that RTL hasn't officially announced anything yet. RTL would plan an official announcement concerning a participation in autumn 2004.

Luxembourg participated for the last time in 1993. Modern Times sang Donne-moi une chance de te dire and ended 20th in Millstreet, Ireland.

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