2005 planned venue to be built too late?

by Sietse Bakker 68 views

It is possible that the Eurovision Song Contest venue to be build in Kiev, may not be ready in time for May 2005. The venue will be connected with the metro bridge by a tunnel, which will mark the beginning of the road traffic reconstruction in the Livoberezhna metro station area. The tunnel will make it possible to enter the territory of the venue from the side of the metro bridge. The venue itself is going to be constructed as the second row complex of the International Expo Centre (photo) on Brovarsky Prospekt, 15.

As Korrespondent.net reports, these details were discussed at the conference of the Architecture and Town-planning Council of the Kiev City Administration held on 23rd June. The conference considered the preproject suggestions of the reconstruction of the existing building and the construction of the new one, which together will form a complex of buildings to host the Eurovision Song Contest 2005. Although five venues in and around Kiev are basically suitable to host the show, the new venue is more capable to host participants and press.

On the whole, this complex is planned to be put in commission by May-June 2005, which seems to be too late to host the Eurovision Song Contest. When we'd take into consideration that the Eurovision Song Contest takes place in late May most likely, the venue should be ready at least mid April. Sound, lighting and stage building take about three weeks, rehearsing for the qualifier round and final about two.

The customer of the project is the International Exposition Centre close corporation, the main architect is Mikhail Gershenzon. The assumed complex area of 27,6 thousand square meters is supposed to seat up to 14,000 spectators.

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