Zeljko: “Greek version Lane moje illegal!”

by Sietse Bakker 174 views

Days ago, Greek Eurovision Song Contest websites reported that singer Petros Imvrios will add a Greek version of Lane moje to his album. The song, performed by Zeljko Joksimovic for Serbia & Montenegro, ended up second at the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest.

“I'm so glad that my song, even after the Eurovision Song Contest, is so popular in so many countries. But yesterday I got the information that a Greek singer adapted my song and sang it in the Greek language… without copyrights! Till today I received a few official requests from the biggest Greek publishing houses for permision for musical adaptation, and I refused them with a reason, because I think it�s too early for that (…) Can you just imagine if in every country, every Eurovision hit, would be adapted 15 days after appearance! The audience in Greece still hasn't got a chance to enjoy in my interpretation and I think that this Greek version is too early, especially without a permision. For now we can only talk about adaptations in the future”, Zeljko Joksimovic said to esctoday.com.

Today, Zeljko Joksimovic is guest in a television programme on AlfaTV and he will meet some Greek record companies. In July the Serbian singer gives two concerts on Corfu and Crete, together with the Ad Hoc Orchestra and the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra.

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