Ruslana in hospital: tiredness catches up with her

by Julia Ostromogilska 111 views

The ever excited and ever wild Ruslana was recenlty taken to hospital after complaining that she felt ill. As UTRO.RU reports, on May 29th, Ruslana was flying back from Moscow to Kiev, where she was going to give two more performances. But some time before landing she complained about feeling weak and dizzy.She has had a really intensive schedule lately.

Though she was reluctant, the ambulance took the singer to hospital. The same day she presented her Wild dances to the people of Kiev twice. Nobody suspected a thing. Right after the show she was forced to return to hospital.

'Overfatigue, irregular nutrition and permanent stress', this was the doctors diagnosis. He believes that continuous concert tours, interviews, photo sessions and performances do not allow for Ruslana to rest. Yet Ruslana hasn't lost her energy and eagerness to give more of herself to Europe. Yesterday morning the steadfast singer departed to Belgium. During European tour she is also planning to visit the Netherlands and Austria. In these countries Ruslana is going to meet with the media representatives as well as taking part in a number of exclusive photo sessions.

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