Married Ruslana admits her fondness of Sakis!

by Theo Vatmanidis 208 views

Sakis Rouvas' participation in the Eurovision Song Contest managed to create renewed interest for the programme in Greece. The artist's photo can be found in every single newspaper and magazine and his entry Shake It receives excessive air-play. However, it's not only Sakis that everyone wants to know about in the country. The Ukranian winner seems to have captivated the Greek public's interest and she appears to be aware of it. During a recent interview for Greek TV Station Alter, Ruslana talked about her personality and aspirations and went as far as to admit her fondness for Sakis, even though she revealed she's married! Was she just teasing the Greek public? If so, she did it in a very serious way…

'I believe that I am a very wild girl. I believe that my image allowes it. I feel very free and I believe that, yes, it is true.' That's how Ruslana answered to the rumours that want her to have fallen in love with the Greek star while the two artists were in Istanbul. 'When I say I am a wild woman I mean that I can give lots of energy to people', she continued.

After the public confession of her admiration for Sakis, the Ukranian singer went on to talk about her husband of five years: My husband is involved with music, we work together and we try to allocate our tasks, we write songs together. I write the music for him and he then writes the lyrics. We create together our video-clips, we try to improve them.' On the matter of children, she said: 'No, I don't have any. I would like it a lot at some point, but I would first like to develop as an artist, to build my career and focus on my music. I think that when I have established myself, I will put my career on pause, have children and focus on their upbringing.'

The Greek tele-viewers were given an insight into the artist's immediate career plans: 'After the Eurovision Song Contest, I had so many offers to appear in so many different countries. However Greece is right on the top of my list. I really want to come to Greece and do something there. I would love to sing a duet with Sakis! I think he would be really successful in Ukraine, many people already know him, especially girls, they love him!' So, a duet between Ruslana and Sakis in the aftermath of the 49th Eurovision Song Contest? Time will tell how the artists' mutual admiration will unfold.

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