Ruslana's husband speaks out!

by Theo Vatmanidis 1,160 views

During an interview on Greek television today, Oleksandr Ksenofontov, Ruslana�s husband of five years, talked to entertainment news show Apokleistika (Exclusively) about his relationship with this year�s winner artist. He also described their professional collaboration, their feelings about the Eurovision Song Contest and was honest and daring enough to comment on his wife�s self-confessed crush on the Greek participant, Sakis Rouvas.

Oleksandr�s first line set the record straight of the things that were to follow during the 20-minute long interview. “(Living with Ruslana) is very difficult� It�s like living on the top of a volcano, but I like it”, he said with characteristic ease.

He went on to describe the way he and Ruslana met six years ago: “When she was a new singer, Ruslana approached me at the theatre I was working as a music producer and told me that she really wanted to become a (professional) singer. I asked if she would like to record a song with me. She really wanted to do that. She didn�t only want me to write the song, but also to take upon me the promotion of her career. She put a lot of pressure on me and told me that her voice was like a storm, that, if I heard it, I would be left speechless. And I finally did it. She laughed a lot at the result (of the recording); her voice wasn�t what she had expected it to be. Anyway, it was after this (incident) that our friendship, collaboration and love started”.

The artist confirmed that, for all the confidence Ruslana showed on stage in Istanbul, in private they were both far from confident about the final result: “To tell you the truth, I didn�t know and I couldn�t imagine that she would win. It was somewhat unlikely. However, deep inside me I believed that there was a chance. Our faith helped us bring down this wall of pessimism we had. (Initially) we had realized that it was practically impossible. But our faith didn�t let any obstacle to interfere with our target”.

And what did Oleskandr had to say about his wife�s infatuation with Sakis? His honesty was disarming: “I could say that it is a crazy enthusiasm. I can�t say I liked this thing� However, show-biz is show-biz”. Without hesitation, he admitted avoiding to show up at press conferences just because Sakis was there: “Yes! Yes! Yes! I didn�t like it that much (�) Sakis was a favorite at this year�s Eurovision Song Contest and, being a tough competitor, Ruslana and him became friends. They got to know each other and a great deal of fondness developed between them. Ruslana particularly liked the way Sakis worked, the hot show he put on stage and I think this was something they had in common. I personally like both Sakis and Greek music, since my roots are Greek and my surname is Greek, too”.

Nevertheless, Oleksandr sounded confident enough about his relationship with Ruslana: “More than anything else, what unites me and Ruslana is trust. There is no differentiation for us. As far as our work is concerned, we are one unit, just like any other normal couple”. It seems that confidence and trust is Oleksandr�s secret to direct his charismatic wife�s Wild dances.

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