Ukraine's win was decisive

by John Egan 193 views

What does it take to win Eurovision? Strong support from across Europe. Something only Ukraine, Serbia & Montenegro and Greece had this year.

While there has been quite a lot of speculation about regional voting and politics this year, Ukraine's win this year was decisive. Serbia & Montenegro won the semi-final by 7 points (263 to 256, with Greece polling third with 238), Ukraine won on the night that matters most (280 to 263, and 252 for Greece).

Some have speculated that France, Poland and Russia's skipping the semi-final might have made the standings different. It didn't affect the top 3 however. Ukraine still would have won (254), with Serbia & Montenegro second (238) and Greece third (232). In fact, the same countries would have qualified for next year: the Big 4 and top 3, plus Turkey, Cyprus, Sweden, Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Germany, Spain, Russia and Malta, with virtually no change in terms of highest to lowest.

This year, almost all three top finishers won points from every voting country. Ukraine got null points from Switzerland. Both Greece and Serbia & Montenegro received points from every country, a rare achievement in the Eurovision Song Contest.

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