No suitable venue for 2005 in the Ukraine?

by Itamar Barak 74 views

The whole of Ukraine still hasn't ceased celebrating Saturday's victory of Ruslana in the 49th Eurovision Song Contest in Istanbul, but questions start to arise regarding the country's ability to host the jubilee contest.

Ukrainian state-owned broadcaster UT1 has already declared that, currently, there is no proper venue to host next year's Eurovision Song Contest. The only two possibilities are reconstructing the Sports Palace in Kiev or building an entirely new arena. The media in the Ukraine are all praising Ruslana and taking her victory as a further step in the country's journey towards acceptance to the European union.

The state's president, Leonid Kuchma, sent Ruslana a greeting saying : ' You provided an unforgettable evening for millions of Ukrainian families… Thanks to you, the world will know more of the voices and melodies of Ukraine'. Despite all that, concerns of lack of financial assistance from the EBU have start rising, doubting the ability of Ukraine of hosting a Eurovision Song Contest, not mentioning it will be the jubilee event.

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