Eurovision wins UK ratings war

by Benny Royston 182 views

The Eurovision Song Contest, ridiculed by many in the UK as the program 'nobody admits to watching', scored a huge success on British television this year for BBC1, clocking up an average viewing figure of 8.3 million viewers. That equates to 41.5% of the total national TV audience and a 5% increase on last years viewing level.

As usual, the voting proved to be too much for the public's curiosity, with viewing hitting 10.7 million as the Ukraine moved into pole position to claim the title. This was far higher than had been expected, with ITV's usually popular Who wants to be a millionnaire suffering as they saw figures plummet from the usual 10 million to just 5.7 million.

The national sport was also hit as the immortalised Arsenal team became the first team in over 100 years to remain unbeaten all season. Despite such an unbelievable achievement, only 2.7 million people tuned into The Premiership at 10:45 as Ruslana captured the glory and danced her way through her reprieve of Wild Dances .

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