Dummy televoting: hopefully better tonight!

by Sietse Bakker 298 views

Moments ago, the last dress rehearsal for tonight's final took place. During the dummy televoting, when live connections were made with all participating countries, not everything went as it should!

“And now we go to Monaco”, Meltem Cumbul said… and the Lithuanian spokesperson appeared on screen. That happened more than once, though it also happened that the technicians made a connection with the wrong country or the wrong map appeared on screen.

While the Andorran spokesperson gave the dummy results from the small country between France and Spain, Svante Stockselius cutted off the voting, saying that “the results given are not the ones confirmed earlier by fax”. Probably a test to check the flexibility of the technical staff.

During the Cypriot televoting, the spokesperson said “hello Constantinople”. Korhan Abay corrected him, saying that the city is named Istanbul, and has been for a long time. Constantinople was the name for the city when it was under Greek leadership many years ago. Today, the Greeks still use the name Konstantinoupolis for Istanbul. A political issue or just a joke?

Tonight, live connections will be made with 36 countries. All counries will give away 58 points (1-8, 10 and 12), which is 2088 points in total.

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