Atmosphere hots up around the arena!

by Kemal Shahin 170 views

Sanda from Romania is having her lunch, Turkey�s Athena is giving an interview just outside the press centre and all around the stadium, spectators are pouring out. All appear to be engrossed in debates over who will win tonight.

The whole area around the Abdi Ipecki Arena is buzzing with press, photographers and spectators. The final dress rehearsal before the final is finished, and sound is still an issue being discussed as well as the cues during the programme and the standard of presenting. It seems as though everything sound wise shall be okay on the night.

Overall the rehearsal was good; performances were consistent and came across well. Malta again suffered slightly with a microphone that failed to work with Julie only barely being heard. Ludwig was once again unhappy. It was soon fixed and the performance continued. Once again, when Turkey came on stage the whole stadium truly came alive as Turks got on their feet, waved their flags and sang along. There is great encouragement for all the countries, while Turks watching the show have particularly enjoyed the performances of the Ukraine, Greece, Albania and Serbia Montenegro.

Currently the �voting rehearsal� is taking place and Meltem and Korhan link up with each of the 36 countries in alphabetical order. A few minor problems with maps and points but generally it is going well. The hosts are doing it so that the points are only repeated once either in French or in English depending on what the spokespersons give their results in to save time.

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