How many breaks will interrupt the line-up?

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It's still unclear how many times the performance of the 24 songs at the final of the Eurovision Song Contest will be interrupted for a break. Some sources say twice, at the rehearsal today it happened only once.

As the rules of the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest, drawn up by the Eurovision Broadcasting Union, say:

The Host Broadcaster shall provide for at least three commercial breaks during the programme on each of the two evenings, for those Participating Broadcasters wishing to use them. Two breaks will be a maximum of one minute and thirty seconds each, once during the performing and once during the voting. The third break (interval act) is expected to run between five and eight minutes.

Last Wednesday at the qualifier round, the line-up was interrupted twice by interviews in the greenroom. National broadcasters who wished could use that period for broadcasting commercials.

What will happen tomorrow at the final of the Eurovision Song Contest is still unclear. Some sources tell us that there will be two breaks, scheduled between the songs of the Netherlands (7) and Germany (8) and between Iceland (17) and Ireland (18). But at today's rehearsal, only one break was taken, right in the middle, in between Bosnia & Herzegovina (12) and Belgium (13).

As soon as we know more, we'll keep you up to date…

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