Ruslana: I need the victory

by Kemal Shahin 114 views

Ruslana, on the day following her triumph to the final told of how she �needs the victory�. She showed a great passion and desire for the ultimate prize and a great dedication to her country and her people.

Ruslana was asked whether she had received any congratulations from the Ukraine, and she told of how she had many people calling her last night, not only from the Ukraine but from all over Europe. When asked about the final she said, �The final will be complicated and interesting since every country will be artistic and joyful.� When asked about her chances of winning she stated, �When I was writing this song. I thought and intended to bring energy to people. If we win it will be a great surprise, and a major breakthrough for Ukraine. I feel that I can win but it�s hard to explain. I just can say that I need the victory.� Ruslana seems one of the most sure and confident of all the entries this year. In yesterdays' conference she was telling people to �get up and be happy, please don�t fall asleep�.

When asked of her favourite countries she named them all, an attempt to show no favourite. She did however say, “I have a spiritual connection with Turkey, since our songs are similar in a way.” She showed a new poster of her posing with a wolf and told of how one day she would like a wolf to feature in one of her concerts. The conference ended with the the Ukrainian group serving vodka and food for the press to enjoy.

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